Empower women to break the cycles of poverty, addiction, and human trafficking


      We believe in empowerment...

      • By meeting people where they are 
      • By looking at people for who they truly are and looking beyond their surface. 
      • By guiding people to identify their strengths and believe in their potential. 
      • By celebrating diversity, fighting for equality, and embracing inclusion. 
      • By assuming the best while holding yourselves and others accountable. 

      ... AND

      We are good stewards of scarce resources in the relentless pursuit of our vision.


      Over 191 years HER Cincinnati, formally known as CUB, has been the change in their community. From a group of clergymen offering support services, to offering three separate programs helping men, women, children, and families. Our history illustrates our commitment to innovation based on the change in our community in hopes to help people reach their greatest potential. 

      Educare School