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Off the Streets is an award-winning, evidence-based program dedicated to serve the needs of women with histories of sex trafficking and exploitation. Our program utilizes a culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed model to help survivors of sex trafficking find safety, recovery, and empowerment. OTS recognizes the significant trauma victims have experienced and guides them on a path to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

A collaborative effort with the police department, criminal justice system, local government, health care providers, substance abuse and mental health treatment providers, and more than 50 nonprofit agencies, Off the Streets has served over 800 victims of sex trafficking since it's inception in 2006. 

The goal of the program is to provide a network of gender-specific services for women as they explore and practice positive changes in their lives and receive needed services. Off the Streets assists women who are involved in prostitution, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking move toward safety, recovery, empowerment, and community reintegration.

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Rebuilding Lives

All of our case managers are degreed and credentialed chemical dependency counselors and share similar life experiences and backgrounds with our participants. This gives them the unique ability to empathize with our participants, gain their trust, and inspire them on the path to recovery.

A Safe Haven for Survivors

Up to 24 women at a time are accommodated in our OTS safehouse so they can begin restoring their lives. Survivors stay for an average of 30 days to 18 months and have access to a range of supportive services during their stay:
- Emergency assistance
- Medical care
- Trauma counseling and mental health services
- Substance Abuse services

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Empowerment for the future

HER CINCINNATI provides on-going education and support groups to OTS participants to ensure long term recovery and empowerment.  

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For more information:

For referral information, contact our Outreach and Intake Coordinator at 513-768-6928.

For general information, contact Viann Barnett, Program Manager at 513-768-6921.